How To Get 450 Bonus Chips per Day Using Facebook and Popgraph

NoPayPOKER blog editor:  Thanks to NoPay member Suzzie for this great advice and my apologies for not crediting you  before :) Hope this helps.

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At top of the main chat lobby, click on My Account and be sure you are logged into your account.

Once there, click on “Cash Up” one time.

Then click on “click here” – in blue – under Community Publish.

When you see blue Facebook login button, log in and hit “stay logged in” (you can exit Facebook later or not…your choice).

Now scroll down that page and hit one of the games you would like to publish in Facebook.

Now scroll up and see if u were given 50 bonus chips.

Scroll back down to Facebook and hit Claim Ticket…you now have a ticket to the Daily $1k Facebook game and you only have to do this step once. A Ticket will remain in your account to play the game whenever you want.

Next – Click one time on FaceBook Page – in blue letters.

In middle of the popgraph paragraph you will see in blue letters — click on that.

You will then see a web page that wants you to compare people, then click one and either “Vote” or agree or disagree; agree or disagree on 2 different things AND vote on 2 different battles. Pick any 2 of each every day.

If you were on Interest Feed page and clicked Agree or Disagree, now click on Battles and a new page will come up…vote on 2 battles.

Ok, now hit “Random” and top ten reasons you like should come up….type in any comment about whatever comes up and then click on “Post”. Keep this same page open after hitting Post button.

Ok, now while that page is up…scroll down and either agree or disagree on 2 others below your post, then close that and scroll back up to top and hit Battles.

Now create a battle of your own and then hit COMPARE.

Finally on…

Now go back to original page for Facebook with the lists of what to do…the page you were on when you started when you logged into Facebook…it should say at top “FACEBOOK BONUSES”.

Scroll down to Add a comment and hit that button and the next 3 buttons also…says Claim Bonus Chips.

If you have not already done so, back up and hit Claim My Ticket on popgraph and also same for Facebook

Now check your bonus chip count…if you got 400 bonus chips, you have done it correctly are finished for today; job well done!

Repeat for emphasis, not redundancy…on the Claim My Ticket, you shouldn’t have to ever do those again. Check your account page and see if FaceBook and popgraph tickets are in your account.

On that last Facebook page…click on NoPayPOKER Facebook Page and then look for “Your Account (top right corner), then scroll down and log out of Facebook.

By the way, you can only do this once a day—24 hours later than you did them today.

Even easier is to use Freeds to Buy Bonus Chips. Good Luck everyone!

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  2. cruzer2 Says:

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    while playing and trying to act on others hands is a real high.
    i’ve met wonderfull players on here and friends.
    i:ll write again

  3. nenz2011 Says:

    i love to play for free in poker…thats why i love to play poker…and meet other people players from other countrys….i feel like i play in las vegas…….

  4. David Says:

    I get weird errors on the page to try to get these bonus chips. The page just keeps saying that I am now logged in and the page will refresh. When I click okay, it just does this again. Not sure how to stop this – happens on multiple (Firefox & IE) browsers…

  5. NoPayPOKER Says:

    Hi David, not sure why that should be, that was a bug a while ago but I was sure it was fixed. Best to raise it via a support ticket so they can assign it to the tech guy.

  6. flxfr2 Says:

    no me he podido registrar en el torneo holiday dia del trabajo
    la contraseña que me dieron no funciona .. si alguien me puede ayudar se lo agradeceria mucho…. bayyy

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