ARTICLE 1: Hope For the Best; Expect The Worst

Free Online Poker Money vs. Real Money Online Poker – AKA NoPayPOKER vs. Internet Gaming Sites

If you have not read the ‘Building a Bankroll‘ (BAB) series of Articles, if you have not read the ‘Expanding Your Bankroll‘ (EYB) series of Articles, and, if you are not familiar with my long standing disdain regarding ‘Real Money’ play on Internet Gaming Sites….take caution.

That being said, please, before you embark on the ‘tutorials’ contained within this series of Articles, you’d be well advised to put the next 4 paragraphs into your thoughts, take a few steps backwards, and then, ONLY then, begin your ‘Real Money’ journey after you’ve read the BAB/EYB Articles….and the next 4 paragraphs.

As per the outline for this series of Articles (a recent ‘News Wire’ release), it’s next month’s post that will detail the problematic issues related to playing online poker on Internet Gaming Sites. Yet, it’s important that you have an overview of what will come to you in Article 2; entitled ‘Use Time as a Weapon; Vision as a Safeguard’.

Unlike the web’s best ‘Free online poker Money’ NoPayPoker play, ‘Real Money’ Internet poker play will require an extremely elevated level of visionary input….a constant use of your eyes.

Why? Well, when ‘Real Money’ exists, cheaters exist; and these ‘dungheads’ will do whatever is required of themselves to shift your money to their pockets; no tricks are absent from their repository of ‘slimeball methods’.

First and foremost, they are completely enamored with collusion….live chat with one or more ‘cheat’ partners at a table; by phone, by Instant Messenger, by private chat boxes, and by text messaging; plus other ‘modern technology’ communication mediums.

Second, there are well over 100 different ‘Poker Bot’ software packages that are currently in use. And, more than a half-dozen of these systems are as good at the game as are the best players you’ve competed against at NoPayPoker.

Third, not all random number generators (RNG’s) are equal, or fair, or random. And, some of the ‘dungheads’ have advanced algorithms that allow them to take advantage of the deciphered data.

Seemingly, the last paragraph suggests that you don’t have “a snowball’s chance in hell” of winning ‘diddlysquat’ on an Internet online poker Gaming Site, it suggests that you’re gonna’ do nothing but donate your hard earned NoPayPoker winnings to the cheaters who have captured the ‘testosterone of technology’; and, yes, I’m implying that the vast majority of these ‘turd baskets’ are male.

Yet, you can win. And, through this series of Articles, you’re going to learn how to win.

OK….let’s move forward; we’re all master students of the ‘Building a Bankroll‘ Articles, we’re all doctorate students of the ‘Expanding Your Bankroll‘ Articles, we’ve all spent countless years experiencing the vast wonders of our eyesight, and we’re all fully cognizant of the necessity to maintain an unparalleled vision discipline; we’re going to win ‘Real Money’, and we’re going to do it with regularity.

However, as is the case with every series of articles that I write, we start our ‘winning ways’ with a recognition of the primary asset that we bring to a poker table. PATIENCE.

And, we all understand that I will often spell the word ‘PPPPPoker’ by using the letter ‘P’ 5 times. Which, while symbolic, is significantly meaningful.
Especially if you equate the ‘5’ in ‘5 times’ to the ‘5’ that is present in all of the following:

– 50% of your total skill base [patience is half of your total poker skills]
– 50% Return On Investment (ROI) [why would we settle for anything less]
– 50% as a ‘Flops Seen Win Percentage’ [we’re attentive to playable pockets]
– 15% as an average ‘Flops Seen Percentage’ [it creates the 50% ‘FSW%’]
– 05% as the fundamental Bankroll Management Rule [the balance is secure]

So, if you’re not going to bring an inordinate amount of patience to the poker tables at ‘Real Money’ Internet Gaming Sites, stay the %$#@ away from the damn tables. You’re not a gambler; you’re a winning poker player.

You’re not a ‘farm animal’; you’re a winning poker player. You’re not unversed on Dostoyevky’s book; you’re a winning poker player.

Next, I want to introduce the ‘Rule of 80’; where approximately 80% of all Internet ‘Real Money’ poker players are young. This is clearly evidenced by the number of players that you’ve seen in televised tournaments.

The commentators, like Norman Chad or Mike Sexton, are invariably making reference to the average age of the poker table participants. And, they are invariably making reference to the fact that these players are, or were, dominant Internet poker players.

Why would this matter? Why would you care that the average age of the players they talk about is 26, 27, 28, or 29? Why would you care that they were really good Internet poker players? Hmmmmm!!!!!

Consider this….you’ve been playing at NoPayPoker, and, while it’s been both fun and profitable, the truth is that you’ve been competing against a majority of members who are in their 60’s and 70’s; with the possible exception of ‘jockmc’….who’s old, but ‘going on 14’….then 13, then 12.

Also, you’ve been playing against some remarkably bad competition; ‘bad’ as in ‘farm animals’, as in terrible poker players….not ‘bad’ as in decency or character.

The overwhelming number of NoPayPoker members are truly pleasant individuals. Yet, they literally perform poorly at the NoPay tables. They don’t understand the game. They are absent any interest in learning the game. And, they will forever reside in NoPay’s ‘farm animal’ pasture.

The Lesson? These ‘kids’ on Internet Gaming Sites are super aggressive. And, if your game is possessed by timidity, if your decisiveness has been tempered by ageing, if your ‘risk tolerance’ is low, if your style of play is a constant, if your propensity is for ‘limited’ action, then, these ‘kids’ are going to wreak havoc on your bankroll.

Plus, the names or faces always change; new players come and go. Rarely will you have the opportunity to build and utilize ‘player notes’.

For the most part, you’ll be at the table with complete strangers….knowing nothing about how well or how poorly they play the game. It’s a poker world far removed from the NoPayPoker haven that you are all so familiar with, it’s a poker world where the occassional ‘Quality of Play’ prevails. “We ain’t in Kansas anymore Todo”.

Sure, you can equate ‘Quality of Play’ to the stakes level of the games offered up by the Internet Gaming Sites. You should expect to find poor to mediocre quality players at the 2c/4c, 5c/10c, and10c/20c ‘ring’ games (cash tables).

And, you should expect to find the very same poor to mediocre quality players at the $1, $2, and $5 tournament games (excluding $5 ‘sit-n-go’ games).

Yet, as you work your way up to higher stakes games, the ‘Quality of Play’ is going to dramatically improve.

And, of consequence, as you work your way up to higher stakes games, the number of ‘dungheads’ will increase….they tend not to ‘cheat’ or be involved in low stake games.

Thus, you’ll need premium vigilance in your ‘vision patrol’. (As a reminder, we’ll get to ‘visual patrol’ issues, as it relates to cheating, in Article 2 of this series.)

However, be mindful of the fact that the ‘farm animals’, the ‘chipflingers’, the ‘bad players’ are everywhere.

There will be some at every level of play, and it’s likely that you’ll find one or more of these ‘pasture dwellers’ at every table you opt to play at….candidly, there are countless people who simply don’t give a ‘jolly good hoot about money.

Hope for the very best; find the ‘farm animals’, take their money, and have some fun. It won’t be all that easy, but you’ve done it at NoPay, and you’ll do it on the Internet Gaming Sites….maybe not now, but by the time this series of seven (7) articles is posted, read, and understood, I’m convinced that you’ll get it done; I’m convinced that you’ll be winning ‘Real Money’.

And, even though the title of this article included the words ‘expect the worst’, I know that the worst can be no more than 5% of your bankroll….and, every one of us can handle the occasion of a small loss; albeit painful, it’s no more than a minor set back.

Recall, just for a moment, that we’re embarking on a journey that can, should, and, for many of us, will, generate a 50% Return On Investment (ROI).

Not bad!!!!! Right? Even so, make sure you always get your poker practice sessions played at NoPayPoker, the Internet’s ‘Best Free Money Poker Site’. And, in that you either learned how to play the game here at NoPay or that you fine-tuned your game here at NoPay, don’t forget to spread some ‘word of mouth’ advertising for the site.

Last, the following is an outline for the Articles in this series that have yet to be posted (expect an Article at the beginning of each month, May through October of 2011):

….patience; 50% of your poker talent resides here
….collusion; your eyes won’t lie, and players do cheat
….RNG’s; not all random number generators are equal
….Bots; they exist, they win, and they can be identified

….your bankroll; the ‘rule of 5’, never more than 5 percent
….your emotions; no highs, no lows, nothing but a constant
….your cash; know your risk tolerance, it’s not fake money
….your mind set; positive for playing, negative for gardening

….ace/paint; formidable, playable, and usually profitable
….paint/paint; not early, sometimes middle, and often late
….pocket pairs; set-mining, JJ problems, and the big three
….suited ace; seeking the nut flush or the competitive straight

….know the competition; stay focused, and compile notes
….between 2 & 17 outs; identify your outs, identify the board’s outs
….pot odds/implied odds; fast-tracking arithmetic calculations
….defense wins money; the current ‘nuts’ is worth defending

….suited connectors; a family pot generates your interest
….soft 3x and hard 3x; don’t permit a read on your style
….late position aggression; limpers can fill your wallet
….slow-playing big hands; getting fed by the farm animals

….finish the puzzle; the pieces are present, assemble them
….always an ‘A’ game; earn the money, gifts are fairly rare
….make the $ yours; maintain a bankroll, pocket the profits
….the B & M journey; if you’re ready, brick & mortar is nearby

Best of luck at the tables.
D. Michael
(c) copyright, April, 2011; all rights reserved by D. M. Vadnais

To get the full list of poker education on offer at NoPayPOKER see the free poker training page and to practice what you learn play free poker practice games on the main site where beginners can learn how to play poker for free at no risk and old hands can brush up a thing or 2 and have some fun poker games at the same time.

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  1. hocking Says:

    What a good read. Can you explain in layman terms for this old man how I go about transfering my winnings to a real money account?
    Kindest Regards

  2. Doug_Barnes052 Says:

    I think that all these poker tips can only help beginers as well as serious players become better at all levels of the game

  3. NoPayPOKER Says:


    If you raise a support ticket and tell them what real money site e.g., PartyPoker, Feltstars, Tiotasn etc you want to go to then they can help. They will also need your user name on that site.

  4. Doug_Barnes052 Says:

    sometimes we do overlook the importance of watching what other people at the table are doing. This really doe’s impact what plays we should make.

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