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The NoPayPOKER poker software is an easy to install Windows program. It does not install any programs or files on your system other than those required to use the online poker service.

No spyware, malware or damaging files of any kind are installed.

If you remove the poker software through the Windows Control Panel all originally installed files will be fully removed from your system.

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, 2003, Vista
Java Runtime (version 1.4 or later)*

The poker software requires Java to be installed on your system. Most systems already have Java installed.

If your system does not have Java then the installation program will automatically detect this and download the latest version from Sun Microsystems.

3.3 (Jan 28th 2009)
Feature Additions
client skins use there own custom cards if present
chat popup window resizable
moved cards down images off of table and onto the player avatar instead to more easily see who is in hand and create more table space
support crediting of some offers from tournament and table links
client skins improved with another 54 configurable options (existing user submitted skins may have a couple of issues, they will work but might need slight updates)
table column widths on login are more friendly size
premium member balances will never be confiscated due to 90 days of inactivity so long as they remain a premium member
lobby server bug fixed (bad login log ids)
Bug Fixes
private default bounties fixed
server freezing bug fixed and tested
lobby server bug fixed (bad login log ids)
steps tournaments taking ticket bug fixed
ads turned off are now really turned off (no chance of sound or freezing)
various minor fixes to the buy in dialog behaviour on cash games
3.00 (Dec 18th 2009)
Added Bounty Tournaments
Added Bonus Chips To Starting Stack
Released Premium Membership
Allow fully branded tournaments
Allow Premium Members to Create Scheduled Tournaments
2.00 (May 25th 2009)
1.98 (May 20th 2008)
1.97 (Jan 31st 2008)
1.96 (Jan 18th 2008)
1.93 (Nov 18th 2007)
1.92 (Nov 12th 2007)
1.91 (Sept 24th 2007)
1.9 (July 22nd 2007)
1.4 (February 22nd 2007)
1.3 (February 9th 2007)
1.2.1 (January 10th 2007)
1.1 (December 30th 2006)
1.0 (December 29th 2006)
First Public Version
How to Install the NoPayPOKER poker Software
1: Double click nopaypoker.exe SetUp file on your desktop and a new window will appear, click "Next" to begin the software installation.
2: Here you can choose where to install the software on your computer, we recommend you just click "Next". If you need to change the installation directory then click "Browse" and select your directory.
3: Click install to complete the installation.
After you have finished the installation, click on the NoPayPOKER icon located on your desktop to play poker!
Now you will need to enter your username and password on the login screen. If you don't have a username and password then REGISTER on NoPayPOKER to setup a free account.