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$30,000 Refer-A-Friend
Every Third Saturday at 8:45pm join the
‘‘$30,000 Refer-a-Friend Final’’
Get a referral and get playing!

At 8:45pm GMT on the third Saturday of each month the "$30,000 Refer-a-Friend Final" will play. You can qualify for this tournament in one of two ways:

1) Refer a Friend to NoPayPOKER - Tickets are awarded automatically and every referral adds 300 chips to your starting chip stack. So 5 referrals would give you 1,500 extra chips. It's easy to get referrals, see here.

To qualify as a referral, your friend must have joined during the most recent Refer-a-Friend period and have played 1 or more hours at NoPayPOKER.

2) Win one of 2 tickets in the $30,000 Refer-a-Friend BC Qualifer - Each game has 50 seats and the top 2 players win a ticket. Qualifiers play at 6pm, 2am and 10am GMT every day - entrance is FREE. Use Bonus Chips for a better chance of winning a ticket.

To summarize, here is what you need to know:
To get a ticket, refer one or more players to NoPayPOKER
Or win a ticket from one of three daily qualifier tournaments
Your referral must play 1 or more hours at NoPayPOKER to qualify
Each qualified referral gives you 300 extra starting chips in the final
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