free poker Current Exchange Rate: 1000 FreeD = 1 USD
Answer :- No absolutely not. One of the best parts of NoPayPOKER is the fact that we will never need any sensitive personal or financial information from you. When you withdraw money, we only need the email address registered with Neteller or PayPal (so we can pay you) or alternatively your username at sponsor sites like Party Poker and Feltstars where we can deposit on your behalf at those sites

You cannot get more secure than NoPayPOKER because we have your sensitive financial details like credit card information.

Answer :- You need to login to the website and visit your account page. There you will find your FreeD play balance and the equivalent value of your balance in U.S. Dollars (USD).

Alternatively you can simply take the current exchange rate posted right above the navigation section of every web page and divide your play balance by it to get your USD cash value.

Example: You have $10,000 FreeDs and the current exchange rate is $100 FreeD per $1 US Dollar

Answer: $10,000 divided by 100 = $100.00 USD

You can find further information HERE.

Answer :- As a player you have the choice of a Neteller, Paypal and our sponsor sites like Party Poker and Feltstars. Being a perfectly legal pokersite means that even USA players will have no problems getting paid. The only requirement is that any withdrawal has to be $25.00 USD or more for premium members and $40.00 USD or more for Free members, alternatively sites like Party Poker and Feltstars may have different limits as low as $10 to transfer directly to those sites from NoPayPOKER.

Answer :- .

To withdraw funds from your player account you need to log in to the website and go to: -

Simply choose from the withdrawal methods on that page, enter the amount required and the email address registered with your payment provider.

Please be vigilant for account fraud: NoPayPOKER STAFF WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If required, verification of your identity will happen through confirmation of your account details.

Answer :- Yes. Because you never deposit and your money is never at risk, technically this website is a competition and not gambling.

Answer :- Every game pays cash, whether a tournament or a ring game. The actual amount of cash depends on the current FreeD exchange rate value. We share 50% of the advertising and sponsor dollars with our players - it's generous, it's simple and it's fair.
Answer :- Our sponsors are desperate to get in front of our players and pay us for the privilege. We put 50% of all those advertiser dollars back into the player's prize pool. Whenever you hit our website or sit down at the table you are helping us to fund your cash prizes.

Don't be shy, please visit any sponsor site that interests you when you see it in a banner. Advertisers will be more interested in sponsoring your cash prizes when they make contact with genuinely interested players!

Answer :- You can always find the latest exchange rate above the navigation bar of most web pages and at the top of the game software. This is updated daily and tells you how many FreeDs you need to exchange for each US Dollar.

This exchange rate can go up if NoPayPOKER receives more money from its advertisers and sponsors than we give out in freerolls - FreeDs become worth more. Or it can drop if we pay out far more FreeDs than we are receiving from our advertisers and sponsors.

You can find further information HERE.

Answer :- The Saturday $2500 FreeD Loyalty Freeroll is a free tournament offered to any players that play more than 10 hours in a calendar week.

You can find further information HERE.

Answer :- You can always visit the League Homepage Which has links to a specialist league FAQ, the current listing of running leagues and some simple strategy hints to win at the leagues.
Answer :- You can do a lot more than simply rename a customized table. The flexibility in scheduling and characteristics makes them ideal for a number of situations. Have you ever tried to get 5 friends onto the same table at PartyPoker? Set a password and you control who comes in. Most of us now have friends who are separated by thousands of miles, get them all together for a good Friday night thrashing.

You can open a new table at any time and at any limit. NoPayPOKER offers full customization of tables to allow you to create the perfect game for you and your friends. Feel free to vary the:

Buy-In / Fee
Number of players
Game speed
Password protected or not
Answer :- If you abuse the chat function we have a 3 strike policy. The 1st time you are banned your chat will be resumed after 7 days. After the 2nd time it will resume after one month. If you are banned a 3rd time you will not have your chat resumed.

Resumption of your chat is AUTOMATIC, it will not be awarded back before the timeout period and if banned 3 times it will not be awarded back at all. You should not send support questions asking for chat back early or asking for chat back after 3 successive bans, you will not receive a response. Remember: chat is a privilege, not a right

Answer :- You get 30 seconds to act. If you fail to act after 15 seconds a countdown timer will warn you to hurry up. During the course of your time at the table if you use the countdown timer more than 3 times your time to act after that will reduce from 30 seconds to 15. This feature is to prevent players from abusing the time and slow playing making a less enjoyable experience for other players.
Answer :- After extended usage of the software you may find that ads do not display anymore and you get the error message "Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit."

This is not a problem with NoPayPOKER software but is a bug in Internet Explorer with cookies.

To fix the issues simply close down the NoPayPOKER program and all open Internet Explorer windows on your PC. Then open up a new Internet Explorer page. Under Tools->Internet Options click to delete your cookies and then your temporary internet files. Restart NoPay.

Answer :- Yes, anyone. You don't need to fill in any forms, all players can refer other players and make money!
Answer :- You will be paid 20% of any withdrawal your referral makes. So if you referral withdraws $3,000 FreeDs then you will be credited with $600 FreeDs to your player account balance. If you have over $30 USD worth of FreeDs then you can immediately withdraw to USD as well.
Answer :- Your player account will be credited immediately once the player's withdrawal is verified. For example if you referral withdraws $3,000 FreeDs then your account will be credited with $600 FreeDs once your referral has received their funds through Neteller, Paypal or Moneybookers.
Answer :- HTML : <a href=""> </a>

Replace the "" with your NoPayPOKER username.

Replace the "" with the text you want showing in the link.

Answer :- Feel free to use our pre-made banners. CLICK HERE FOR BANNERS.
Answer :- To play at you will need:
A computer - preferably a P2 133mhz equivalent or better
An Internet Connection - dial up modems work fine
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, 2003, Vista.
The NoPayPOKER Game Program - Download from

Feel free to download and install the software on as many computers as you would like.

Answer :- Your in game picture avatar is an exact copy of your active Profile picture in the My Space section. So you will need to upload a profile picture in order to create your in game avatar.
  • 1) Make sure you are logged in.
  • 2) Go to the My Space Upload Picures page and upload a photo. If this is your first photo then it will autmatically become your Profile picture.
  • 3) If it is not your first photo then go to the My Space Gallery Management page where you can manage all of your photos. Click the "Make Main" link next to the photo of your choice and it will become your new game avatar.
Answer :- SPAM filters have been designed to reduce the number nuisance emails received from third parties. Unfortunately they also have the habit of deleting useful emails as well.

You may be looking at this post because you have not received an account validation email or a confirmation of a withdrawal from your NoPayPOKER bankroll. NoPayPOKER emails will always come from the domain.

You can usually find any emails that have been spam filtered within the “Junk E-mail” folder in Microsoft outlook. In some instances the emails may be automatically taken to the “Deleted Items” folder. In both cases, if you see NoPayPOKER email within these folders then Right Click with your mouse on the NoPayPOKER email to get a list of options.

Select “Junk E-Mail >> Add Sender’s Domain ( to Safe Senders List”, this will ensure any future emails from nopaypoker.Com will not be trashed. Now you can drag and drop the email into a more useful folder such as “Inbox”

Even if you cannot find a NoPayPOKER email, you can ensure their safety by going to Outlook’s top menu and selecting ”Actions >> Junk E-Mail >> Junk E-mail Options…”, this brings up a new screen called “Junk E-mail Options”.

Select the “Safe Senders” tab, then press the “Add” button. Within the new pop-up text field, type “” and now hit “OK”. Now hit “OK” on the “Junk E-mail Options” to finish the process.

Answer :- Are you on a shared network? Such as a college campus or workplace where there may be other NoPayPOKER players? If so, you will find that you cannot have more than one player running on a single network at the same time. These are purposeful security measures to ensure anti collusion and fraud.

If you are not on a shared network then use "CTRL+ALT+DELETE" to bring up your task manager. If you see "NoPayPOKER.exe" then highlight and select "End Task". Now try running the game again.

If that doesn't work visit the "Processes" tab on the Task Manager. Look for "NoPayPOKER.Exe", if you find it then select "End Task". Now try to login again.

If that doesn't work then launch your Computer Control Panel and select "Add Remove Programs" find "NoPayPOKER Client" and select "Change/Remove". Then download and install the software again.

Answer :- **** All passwords are encrypted and not retrievable by NoPayPOKER staff ****

In order to reissue a new password for both game play and website access you can click "I forgot my password". You will be asked to provide the email address you used to register at NoPayPOKER. Once entered and accepted as a valid registered email address, you will receive an email containing a new 8 character password.

Alternatively you can always find this link on the website by selecting "My Account", this will bring up the website's "Login" page. On that page you will find the same "I forgot my password" link

Once you are back in your account you can change your password to a secure (letters and numbers) and memorable password by visiting "Change Login Password"