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The NoPayPOKER league format is a simple and unique way to play free online poker. Join a league, and play a set number of games. Get an overall score based on your performance in all games and try to finish in a paid ranking position. more...
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Play in multi table online tournaments all day, every day - FOR FREE. Anything from hourly Freerolls to Monthly Monster Tournaments. Bounties, Turbos, Deep stacks and more! Invite your friends. The more money they win, the more money you take away! more...
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Won some FreeD in the online freeroll games? Join any one of the 40 different ring games at NoPayPOKER. Limit, No Limit, Pot Limit and skill limited games are all available. Buy in with anything from $0.40 FreeD to $4,000 FreeD. more...
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Affiliates take note! Have you got an online poker site... a poker club... or even a few friends for a game? (OK, let's pretend for now) Schedule private ring games, Sit-N-Gos for up to 50 and MTT for up to 200. Brand them with banners and build links to your site! more...
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The NoPayPOKER league format is a simple and unique way to play poker. Join a league for , and play a Get an overall score based on your performance in all games and try to finish in a paid ranking position.
Create a league for your website or friends, totally free and totally automated! Click Here
The payout structure is the same as for regular multi table tournaments (based upon the number of players)
Leagues are available for Sit and Go tournaments or Multi Table tournaments only
Leagues can be public or private, so set up your league for your local poker club, forum, website, friends or work colleagues
The most consistently skillful players will triumph, not the luckiest
Track your progress and position on the league leaderboard
Game by game breakdown for each game you play
More realistic pokerplay for less money: play multiple games instead of just one
Champions Weekly - Everyone Gets a Free Ticket Each Week to Qualify.
Turbo Freerolls - Quick action is required because the blinds build fast!
$5,000 Weekly - Unlimited Free entries to get through this two tier tournament.
$20,000 Monthly - Unlimited Free entries to a three tier monster tournament.
Deep Stack Freerolls - More strategy through slower play and a deeper stack.
$10,000 Weekly Sponsors Tournament - Contact our sponsors and get free entry.
$5,000 Weekly Facebook Tournament - Got a Facebook account? Add our facebook app!
Mini Balance Freerolls - Think you're broke? Then play for free.

Players never risk their own money and WIN CASH!

It couldn't be easier. You never deposit money at NoPayPOKER and you win cash prizes on every FREE poker game you play, whether a ring game, tournament or week long league!

How is this possible? Simple, the site is funded by advertising.

So how do I get money to play, I hear you ask? Well, all games on the site use "FreeD" currency, which can be used to enter tournaments and sit down at ring games, just like any other poker site.

In addition to your free registration bonus, FreeDs can be earned in 3 simple ways:

  1. Join our FREE poker tournaments and FREE poker league games
  2. Refer your friends and get paid every time they cash out!
  3. Earn $100's in instant money using our unique sponsor Referral System

Once you have $30 USD worth of FreeDs you can withdraw it using popular withdrawal methods such as PayPal, NETeller and MoneyBookers.

There is no limit to the amount you can earn and withdraw.


No Deposit - Truly FREE Poker, you never lose money, have no costs and no risk
No Subscriptions - We said FREE Poker and we mean it, you dont pay a penny
No Rakes - We make our money on advertising not raking the players
Legal Worldwide - an "open competition" legal in all jurisdictions, even the US
Secure - We dont take credit card details...and we pay out cash on FREE poker
League poker - Unique skill-not-luck, multi game tournaments
Private Tables - Anyone can set the number of players, blinds and speed

Play With Your Friends Or Expand Your Membership

Have you ever wondered what to do at 8pm in the evening? Email your friends and get them to play a private tournament at NoPayPOKER.

Without even knowing it you have become an affiliate! How's that? Every player at NoPayPOKER can get paid when their friends withdraw money from NoPayPOKER. You dont have to sign any forms or agree to any terms, just invite them and make sure they enter your player name when they register. See more here

Some of you may already run a poker forum which makes you cash, you already know the value of freerolls to get new players to your site. At NoPayPOKER your money goes a lot further. You can add your own bank balance into the prize money and create as many games as you want!

The Private Games are a great tool for affiliates and a great way to have fun with your friends.

Build Your Own Games and Decide:

Type of table - Ring game or SnG tournament
Buy-In - Make it free or make them pay to play
Money Added - Create your own Freeroll at any time
Chip Count and Speed - Your starting chips and the speed of the blinds
Number of Players - Anywhere from 2 to 50 players!
Private or Not - Limit it to your friends or open it to the world.