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free poker
Free Online Poker
NoPayPOKER has provided free online poker games since 2006. Play, learn and practice online Texas Holdem without paying - win a real cash bankroll in the process!
For Poker Players
No gimmicks, no catches, just free online poker for fun. Never deposit or spend money at NoPayPOKER and win cash prizes on every game more...
For Affiliates

Clear and easy affiliate system open to anyone! Receive 20% of all withdrawals your referrals make - for life! more...

Free players never risk their own money and WIN CASH!

It couldn't be easier. You never deposit money at NoPayPOKER and you win cash prizes on every FREE online poker game you play, whether a ring game, tournament or week long league!

How is this possible? Simple, the site is funded by advertising.

So how do I get money to play, I hear you ask? Well, all games on the site use "FreeD" currency, which can be used to enter tournaments for free and sit down at ring games, just like any other poker site.

In addition to your free registration bonus, FreeDs can be earned in 3 simple ways:

  1. Join our FREE poker tournaments and FREE poker league games
  2. Refer your friends and get paid every time they cash out!
  3. Earn $100's in instant money using our unique sponsor Referral System

Once you have $25 or $40 USD worth of FreeDs you can withdraw it using popular withdrawal methods such as PayPal, NETeller and MoneyBookers.

There is no limit to the amount you can earn and withdraw.


No Deposit - Truly FREE Online Poker, you never lose money, have no costs and no risk
No Subscriptions - We said FREE Poker and we mean it, you dont pay a penny
No Rakes - We make our money on advertising not raking the players
Legal Worldwide - an "open competition" legal in all jurisdictions, USA based poker players very welcome
Secure - We dont take credit card details...and we pay out cash on FREE poker
League poker - Unique skill-not-luck, multi game free tournaments
Private Tables - Your own free online poker games where you can set set the password, number of players, blinds and speed!

What can I earn as an affiliate?

As a NoPayPOKER affiliate you will receive 20% OF ANY MONEY YOUR REFERRAL WITHDRAWS FROM NoPayPOKER! That works out to $20 on top of every $100 they withdraw, every time they withdraw, forever.

That's up to 20 times more than other sites pay!

At NoPayPOKER becoming an affiliate is easy and very rewarding. Simply register for a free player account. Then enter your NoPayPOKER username in any NoPayPOKER banner or in your own HTML links. We will track all players who use your links to NoPayPOKER.

That's it, no forms to fill and every player that registers through your link is your referral for life. See more details HERE.

How is the "Money Won in Games" Calculated?

This number represents the cash amounts won and exchanged by players through game play since NoPayPOKER's launch. Every time a player wins something in game play, whether its 1¢ or $1000, it is added to this figure.

Please note that this is not a reflection of the cash out payments that NoPayPOKER players have received since many players build their accounts and don't cash out right away, while some pass on accrued winning to other players through game play.

(For recent cash out information, please see the withdrawals shown in the "Recent Winners" section.)